Is Bing Bunny a Looked After Child?

Split Pea loves this cbeebies programme, I feel she’s learning more about social interaction watching Bing (repeatedly) than a year at nursery!  I probably need to get out more but can’t help wondering, what is the relationship between Flop and Bing? Obviously Flop doesn’t appear to be biologically related to Bing who clearly is a rabbit. Bing doesn’t refer to Flop as Dad, but he is clearly Bing’s main carer.  The way Flop talks and helps Bing reminds me of someone who has been on a few parenting type courses. Could Bing even have ASD as well as be in a long term foster care placement? Finally I’ve concluded the reason I like Bing is that he reminds me of my daughter.


The animations are based on books by Ted Dewan


2 thoughts on “Is Bing Bunny a Looked After Child?

  1. Our 11 month old loves Bing, goes silent for a short time as well!! We have been having the discussion for a while now about Bing. Our thoughts are that maybe the ‘beanbags’ are what you become when you are older? More how the children see adults as different?


    • I’m baffled by flop, who, what & why? but from a viewpoint of a child he seems to make sense. Wondering if there are more clues in the books. Still a favourite for us both, it’s a bing thing☺️


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