Pick a Book… Any Book

In no particular order here are some of Split Pea’s recent book choices before bed or at random times of the day really.

Meet the Parents. Peter Bently

Found this one during our food shop at a supermarket and liked the illustrations. As a single parent I was a bit wary of the images of the traditional family throughout but loved how it showed all the things we do as a loving parent or parents. There’s a lovely ending too.

Everybody Poos. Taro Gomi

Bought this after months of potty training and trying to nail the pooping into a potty. This definitely got Split Pea’s attention and still does months after conquering using the toilet. It’s a funny and clever way of explaining the ‘bigger picture’ of pooping. All living things eat and poo, simples!

Tabby McTat. Julia Donaldson

Have a few of Donaldson’s books as the illustrations of Axel Scheffler are a favourite with us both. This Is such a sweet tale of being lost and being found then doing the finding that I feel Split Pea connected to it. A firm favourite with us.

Alfie gives a hand. Shirley Hughes

Got this as a freebie thankfully, as I’m not sure I would of picked it myself. A simple story of a going to birthday party, kindness and friendship. Split Pea asked lots of questions as she tried to figure out why the little girl Min was crying which got us exploring feelings. Have now got a box set, so glad I stumbled across this classic.

The Tiger who came to Tea. Judith Kerr

I vaguely recall not really liking this book as a child as I wanted to know what happened next! Found it in our local library and ended up buying a copy as it quickly became a popular read. Sophie’s colourful tights are a hit and we have acted it out a few times!

A Mother for Choco. Keiko Kasza

It’s early days of actually discussing adoption with Split Pea, we have a few related children’s books and this is the most read. There’s a happy ending as Choco finds a mother, if only all forever familys had it that easy. A lovely book for younger children, also transracial adoptions.

Peely Wally. Kali Stileman

Another freebie for World Book Day and one I probably would not of noticed. However the clear simple illustrations are great and easy for Split Pea to follow and it has proved to be a winner. I wonder if the lost and found aspect is also part of the appeal.

Not Now Bernard. David McKee

Wasn’t sure how this would go down with Split Pea as she was just figuring out what monsters were and confused about if they are real or not, she still is. But I went with it and have had to get it out the library repeatedly since. Funny twist which has us both giggling and quoting the title. Poor Bernard and poor monster.

Mummy Do You Love Me? Jeanne Willis

Another unexpected find, this time in TK Maxx. I love it, probably a lot more than Split Pea. Possible single parent chicken. Little chick full of doubts. Parent reassures. Chick gets ‘hyper’. Parent shouts. Chick thinks ‘I’m bad’. Parent tells him he is loved. Chick feels safe happy again. That pretty much sums up more that a few days in our household!

Amazing Grace. Mary Hoffman

I just loved this story when a friend’s daughter had a copy and couldn’t wait to start reading it to Split Pea. Fortunately it’s one she also enjoys and often quietly studies the pages of beautiful illustrations and characters till we have finished reading. One of the few books I’ve found which features a single parent as well as an African/Caribbean family.

All recommendations gladly received, we starting a long summer holiday at home!


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