Let Me Count the Ways

I love (am learning to) the way Split Pea:

1) Doesn’t get it most of the time. Now the things I’ve taken for granted for almost all my life have a new perspective, like reading a book upside down while walking backwards.

2) Looks so sorry and confused at the same time. She reminds me that social rules of society don’t always override the laws of nature or make sense.

3) Wants to play hide and seek over and over again. When you’re feeling lost how lovely to be found over and over again.

4) How the tiny bump or scratch can release pent up tears and demands a big plaster. Emotional hurt has no measure, no logic and no off switch.

5) Sometimes hits me as she walks pass. Literately touching base, checking I’m still there to tell her not to do it.

To be continued…


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